Share of Vision

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 in Marketing

I recently heard Susan Credle, CCO Leo Burnett of North America, speak at a luncheon. She was speaking about leadership, and talked about about “Share of Vision”. She went on to talk about how a work team is like a basketball team with zone coverage. A very interesting analogy. But the phrase “Share of Vision” got me thinking.

What is a “Share of Vision”?


It’s not a shared vision, necessarily. Shared vision means that there is one vision and everyone shares it. But a “Share of Vision” is different. You can own a share of something. You can own a “share of land”, a “share of stock”. It’s something that you own and at the same time are a part of.


It’s something that is an investment. If you own a share of something, you have invested in it. You have taken your resources and given it to the share.


When you own something, you have to take care of it. If you own a “share of land”, you have to manage that land, or ensure that it is somehow managed and watched over by someone reliable. If you own a “share of stock” you are part owner of that company, everything that it stands for and does to customers, employees, and resources.

As I’ve pondered “Share of Vision”, and wondered what it means for me in my world, I think about how can I create both a shared vision and offer shares of that vision to others. What does it mean to give a share of a vision? What does it mean to own a share of another’s vision? I like these questions and how they make me think about my interactions with clients and peers in the industry. I like that I don’t have the answers yet and get to keep pondering about this…


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